Senin, 10 April 2017

 Well this result of my interview with an expert mechanic working workshop .
 Interviewer : Ria Nadila
 Interviewees : Usman Hadi
 Interview result  =>
  Interviewer : Good afternoon, sorry to interrupt his father before . I’m Ria Nadila students Tanjungpura  university want to interview about hoe the father of expertise in being a mechanic .
  Interviewees : yes, please . happy to help .here I will explain the problems that often occurin motor damage .
  Interviewer : well, the first ustion by my.matter what is most . what is most often found in motorcycles ?
  Interviewees : most is a problem in the carburetor, ignition and the magnetic coil .
  Interviewer : what are the singns if the motorcycle has been damaged ?
  Interviewees : when gas motorcycles in halting or die instantly  so that no plugs or carburetor problem that is exposed to water . when the brake pedal jammed problem is corronsion on the brake pedal axles, if it is difficult to shift gears one reason is the oil has changed .
  Interviewer : what foctors are cousing damage to the motorcycle ?
  Interviewees : 
  I)How to ride a motorcycle that is hot in accordance with the power of the machine, such as is used for track-trekan .
  2)used in the long term
  3)slow changing oil
  4)never in a service
  5)often in the rain
  Interviewer : How can we take care of the motorcycle to prevent rapid deteriora tion ?
  Interviewees : before we be  turned on the motor we need to check fuel, oil, and battery acid . after the new controlled distrat but do nt let te motor life gassed stationary . A few seconds  or minutes of its new gas with drawn slowly . each of its I500 oil must be replanced substitution tailored to to the specifications of the engine . part carburetor serviced regularly at least 3 months . then check the chain and gears do not let the chain is too loose or too tight . if tnot he chain is too tight otherwise could break if the chain is too loose chain will be separated from girnya and do not forget to give the lubricant on the chain to make it more durable .
  Interviewer : thank you for all the explanation you gave . may be useful for us .
  Interviewees : yes . you are welcome .
  That’s all from me .  I end …
 Wabillahitopik walhidayah . assalamualikum … wr…wb ….

Selasa, 04 April 2017

   TASK 2I-3-20I7


 Lessons learned from the story above is :
-If we do things together surely everything will feels light weight .
-Next then if we in dangeroys siations we should be calm and not be presumptuous .

TASK 2I-3-20I7
 Assalamualaikum …wr..wb…
   This time I will tell our trip when going to the Amcor, to learn english courses economy .
 Well first after intermediate financial accouting course we went stralght to the Amcor, after a long wait mis Dini to come it turns out one of our friends tell that we are not finished college at Amcor for office in the child wear SD and we waited a tew minutes later we were told mis Dini to study in British Culture and Learning Centre and we finally go the there to gether and there we learned in the room that is usually used children to practice the English language . Theater or poetry reading exerciss and finally we were immediately studied there .
  A few stories of my journey, and weaknesses I’m sorry . I’m end ..

  TASK 3
  Good morning all
 Now is the meeting we were all there I’LL tell you again that is about us imagine if there is no water in world .
  I can not imangine if living without water . because water is a primary reuirement . I think that  a lot of water is needed or nessary in everday life . let us imagine if this world no water may we all be fell dry and it feels like . something is missing if we want to do activities everyday it will feel inhibited . examples such as, if we do not have water we could not shower can not drink, can not wash and so forth .
   Water is also a bacis reueirement in our lives . in the body of water handy to dissolve substances food,digestion of food and regulates body temperature . most of our body in the wake of water if we lack water body will become weak, the digiestive process disturbed and my result kidney illness .without water, human beings wil de in addition to the daily needs of water also have benerfits . one of the benefits water is for transportation ship is a means of water transport used by humans for traveling human activities such affect the everyday life comes from the source water  the  are traditional well pump wells and tap water them is a source of artificial water lakes, rivers, sea and spring is a natural source . saving water can be used in accordance with reuirement s.
  Well may be up here my first story about watter everyday life . thank you for reading my story again . less and more shall I apologize . end 
Assalamuaikum …wr…wb….

Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

I ).
I will introduce my self
My name is : Ria Nadila
Date of  birt ; I4-juli-I998
Age ; I8 years . 
Hometown : Kecamatan Ella hilir . Kabupaten Melawi
parent's name : -father ; Hamdi Alwi
                       -mother ; Salamiah
Ambition ; Teacher
Hobby : Stroll
Which school are you from : SDN I, SMPN I, SMA PGRI 2 .
My generastion from 20I6
      Oke here I will tell me what my reason go to college then the reason I got Tanjungpura University and then the reasons why I choos Economic education .
- Firtst, the reason I got to college in order to the  fursue my dream who dreamed of a small . To go to college we can also learn frugality and in college we also how the air solidarity .
- Then a second random why I chose Tanjungpura University because in Tanjungpura University indeed my desire since sitting in class 3 SMA I want to sign Tanjungpura University . This Unisversity also well known and Tanjungpura University also many students can scholas ships bidimiksi . In Tanjungpura University also including renowned Universites in west borneo .
- And last reason why I;m taking economic education, because my drems to become a teacher . Then in economic education so much covers all subject, rangging from the way businnes management, marketing then learn how to manage company . In the education of our economic as well leart how to become a profesional teacher and also lot of education give motivate ho we plunge into society some day .
      So many introductions and my strory, may be userful for the readers . less and move shall apologize


Kamis, 16 Maret 2017


 3 ).This time I will discuss about my ability
- My ability is in field art is dance why do I say dance, is my ability because when the dancing I could feel can in everyting and his movement because dance is also a my hobby . Most of my dance love is a dance melayu . Malay dance is very easy and gentle movements . For me the ability I was pretty good dancing . With the ability to dance I can also feel spasticity on my body .

- I can develop my ability can in like manner often exercise lone when no time to spare, I was also able to follow a dance studio can also by following the stage his existing art dance . The dance can also be developed by wan often contest dancing, such as eventes oath of youth, farawell, dies natalies, and other . For me dancing is so mething uniue because not that many many people can do . Because a persan's ability that differ perhaps in terms of dancing they are not too be done in part people then I would choose since I prefer if ability that not many people there that I can do alone .

Maybe so first story of my on my abilyty we are sorry . If there is one word and also to the readers .I and

Wabillahitopik walhidayah wassalamualaikum...wr...wb...

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

tugas vocabulary focus

Profession of an economist
 1.   Vocabulary
Society            : masyarakat
Goods             : barang-barang
Labor              : tenaga kerja
Effor               : usaha
Satisfy             : memberi kepuasan
Analyze           : menganalisa
Determine       : menentukan
Benefits           : kebaikan
Employed        : dipekerjakan
Engage             : mengikutsertakan
Develop           : berkembang
Theoretical      : teroris
Provide            : menyediakan
Government    : pemerintah
Wears              : pemakaian
Forecast           : ramalan
Half                 : paruhan/separuh
Gains               : laba
Loses               : kehilangan
Useful             : berguna
Investment      : investasi
Firms               : perusahaan/firma
French             : orang prancis/prancis
Existence         : adanya/keadaan
Assured           : percaya
Fringe              : pinggiran
Prefers             : lebih suka
Risktaking       : mengambil resiko
Initiative          : inisiatif
Employee        : pegawai/pekerja
Percentage       : presentase
Measured        : telah diperhitungkan
Increase           : pertambahan
Regarded        : menghormati
Wage               : gaji
Independence : kemerdekaan,kebebasan
Tax                  : pajak
Revenues         : pendapatan
Resorces          : sumber penghasilan

Exercise 1
1.      Check
2.      Monitor
3.      Monitor
4.      Control
5.      Control

Exercise 2
1)      Costs (n)                : P. 1, L : 6 meaning expenses, outlay
2)      Monitor (v)            : P. 5, L : 2 meaning control, manage
3)      Flair(n)                  : P. 4, L : 5 meaning skill, talent, inclination
4)      Entrepreneur (n)    : p. 4, L : 3 meaning employer
5)      Forecast (n)           : P. 3, L : 1 meaning prediction
6)      Provide (v)            : P. 2, L : 4 meaning supply, equip, outfit
7)      Job-setting (n)       : P. 2, L : 1 meaning place of work
8)      Liable(a)                : P. 5, L : 4 meaning responsible

Exercise 3
1.      Self-employed means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.      An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals .
3.      A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful .
4.     The industry will have to pass its increased benefits or fringe benefits on to the consumer .
5.      The management will qualify  accommodation, food and drink for thirty people .
6.      He as alwas been liable for his children .
7.      The provide of the job include a car and free health insurance .
8.      He won’t  forecasts as an economist until next year.
9.    An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flair or telent .
10.   Unfortunately coasts of higher profist did not come true .
11.   Economists are concerned with the production distribution and consumption .